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Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook Marketing? Why do you How to do Facebook marketing?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. At present, the popularity of every country in the world is very high. Facebook marketing is done by promoting an organization, product or service to Facebook users through Facebook. You can do this yourself or through a Facebook Marketer. Simply put, the ad that is placed on Facebook is called Facebook Marketing. Any type of advertisement can be placed through the money on Facebook. These types of ads usually appear on your Facebook newsfeed, sponsored posts of different products, and on the right side of your Facebook are various product images or offers and these are called Facebook ads.

Facebook marketing

Why do Facebook Marketing ??
We all know the history and current of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. Facebook started its journey in the 21st. After starting the journey, Facebook no longer had to look back. Facebook has a monthly active user of 1.3 billion, according to the survey. The daily number of Facebook users is 1.6 billion. The number of users who use Facebook on mobile is 1.3. The number of photo uploads on Facebook is 5 million daily. The average time spends per visitor on Facebook is 20 minutes. Every minute 1,3,3 comments, 2,3,3 status and 1,3,3 pictures are uploaded. 1 million local business pages have been created on Facebook. 72% of businesspeople think Facebook is their main business tool. 5% of users aged between 6 and 20 use Facebook after waking up or it is said that they wake up on Facebook. According to a report, the use of Facebook curry increases at a rate of 5% per year and it is steadily increasing.

Think of it as the active user of Facebook in 20 million, there are 10 million users of Hots app, and 20 million users of Twitter users there, if you do not do marketing on Facebook, you will say. Where can you find such a large number of customers for advertising? Another Facebook user is Instagram's 7 million users.

Now let's see if I can do marketing on Facebook without doing analog marketing.

Facebook ads from banners, billboards, billboards, festoons, paper, radio or TV ads are far more important - they produce more results at a lower cost. With Facebook, you will be able to do the highest level of marketing. With Facebook marketing, you can instantly check your marketing results and, if necessary, stop advertising your running ads and advertise in new ways. Marketing Facebook allows you to review your results. Facebook's advertising spend is very low. With the spread of social media, especially Facebook, almost all people are connected to each other so you can easily convey your message to one another. Online presence is being targeted for all organizations, whether public-private, big or startup, so campaigning for everyone is very important for business success at present. The biggest reason you may be coming to Facebook advertising is the possibility of more promotion at a lower cost. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool where you can send your message to people of all ages, from all levels to retaining customers or expanding your brand campaign. Can There is no Facebook marketing option for creating a brand.

Facebook Building

How To Do Facebook Marketing ??
We have discussed Facebook marketing in detail so far this time we will briefly discuss how we can do marketing and we will discuss this issue in detail. I divided Facebook Marketing into K2. The first one can be paid, or the second one is paid or the marketer can help.

Unique or paid marketing

When you start marketing on Facebook yourself, it's called individual marketing. In this type of marketing, you can do it from your own Facebook account. This is an important point because if you want to do the marketing yourself, your account has to be standard. In social media, people do not want to believe in a stranger easily and if they do not believe, then for any reason, people will not be interested in hearing anything from him or anything about it. There are different types of articles or videos to share so that you will have an interaction with them. This way, through regular contact post comments, you will be able to be trusted