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Nasir and #Subha
#Dr Akash and his wife
Music artist #mila and her husband
Actress #Nooshin and ,,,,,,

The above names are known to all in contemporary times. Why these names are the focal point of the conversation is something as simple as my saying, may not be for the victims. Mila is telling the media about her troubles. The days of torture are being counted in anticipation of a fair trial. Noshin and maybe waiting for the victory of truth. However, Mila knows herself and we all know that if Mila is truly physically and mentally abused, then her husband's punishment is certain. That's what we want. Although all of Miller's words are true, Noushin will be nothing but an influencer and we will all forget about this. There are cases of torture of women by one husband if he is tortured, but by women (excluding men), another woman is tortured, but the woman and child rights act will be cut off in two women, the result will be in the hands of the husband. If Milla's words are true, would any law against men or men against women like Nawshin or Dr. Akash's ironing mother be applied?

According to a magazine (Bangla Tribune: December 6 2018), 66% of girls are victimized by their husbands in Bangladesh. Of the remaining 33%, if 30% of couples and good people are not considered to be avoiding any form of torture, then the remaining 3% of women who are nomads or mittu must be clear. About 3% of the victims are male. Middle-class or upper-middle-class men endure all the fear of society and honor. If a man divorces and gives up, he will have to survive the title of drug addict or female abuser. Because these 3% girls finally sow the seeds of their torture with such titles and understand the money of Denmohar and go away laughing.

No one who oppresses people will be relieved on the last day of judgment. If a man's family, rights and life are exposed to the threat of equal rights for women, will that 3% of the men be waiting for the land of the men? Miller will tell if it's true or false. But isn't Naushin's husband mentally tortured in all these incidents? Dr Akash died because his mother was in jail today because of the crime or the cause of her husband's death. However, the husband is not an abuser or an adulteress.

Suicide bombs, which are used to physically torture people, are not prevented from doing so. Brainstorming or brain-storming gentlemen or yo-yo-life's anyone who presses a body-bomb switch will feel comfortable. Those 3% girls may not even touch their husbands. However, Dr. Akash understands how great brain torture that words and rights guns show their self-interest from husband to husband, and Noushin's husband or many others like it every day. Can't say anything about shame and fear of women's rights. Or do not torture them, torture is just my mother, girls do it a little or manage it, all this advice is crying in the night in fear of it. However, apart from being an arrogant mother, the bride's unprofitable expenses, unreasonable demands, selfishness and dishonesty of her own ironing would be difficult for a man who never hit the girls' bodies on the scale of the mother. And in reality it is impossible to do so and it is not worn by male torture.

Physical injury and torture are felony crimes, and mental injury and torture are the worst. I think if Nasir - Subha, Mitu - Akash, Mila Noushin - might have been a bit more restrained if there were torture laws instead of women torture laws.



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